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Shandong Xiaoya New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a backbone enterprise of Xiaoya Group. With a registered capital of 60.1 million, the company introduces advanced technology and equipment from Italy and is committed to the comprehensive utilization of green, renewable energy such as solar energy, air energy and biomass energy. And product development, production, sales, business scope covers solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, solar cooling, solar industry thermal utilization, air energy hot water, air heating and cooling, biomass hot water and heating, district heating and Refrigeration, multi-energy complementary application, water purification technology and equipment, installation and transformation of electromechanical engineering, and many other fields, the projects undertaken at home and abroad.

Xiaoya New Energy has built the most advanced solar energy product core components in China, such as enamel liner, energy storage tank, flat plate collector, air source heat pump production line and related laboratories; mastered the core technology of “high glaze coated steel” nano enamel High-efficiency solar photovoltaic power generation technology, air source heat pump jet boosting and defrosting technology, high-efficiency multi-energy complementary comprehensive application technology; passed the quality management system, occupational health and safety management system, environmental management system certification; passed the national household electrical products 3C Compulsory certification of electrical safety; passed the promotion and certification of new wall energy-saving products; passed the certification of energy-saving and environmental protection products; continuously won the bid for the “Home Appliances to the Countryside” and “Financial Subsidies for Energy-saving and Benefits”; Provincial financial subsidy system qualified financial subsidy supplier; shortlisted for Jinan high-rise building energy-saving recommended solar energy products; obtained "construction industry mechanical and electrical installation level three qualifications", "power engineering construction general contracting level" "safe production license", electricity The system "supports (repairs, tests) power facility licenses Class "," solar energy engineering design and installation of A-level qualification "; he has won the" China Famous Trademark "," National High-Tech Enterprise "," National Hi-tech Zone gazelle companies "in the title.

As the first batch of well-known state-owned enterprises involved in the solar energy industry, Xiaoya New Energy has been at the forefront of comprehensive utilization of clean energy and renewable energy. It is an advocate and practitioner of solar energy and building integration, and is a photovoltaic power station and photovoltaic. The promoters of poverty alleviation are the forerunners of “coal to electricity, coal to clean energy” and the pioneers, explorers and promoters of solar energy + multi-energy complementary clean energy. Enterprises have become the forefront of the green clean energy comprehensive utilization industry.

Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “learning, pursuing, innovating and surpassing” of Xiaoya Group, Xiaoya New Energy constantly seeks breakthroughs and innovations in technology and service, and strives to complement and comprehensively apply clean energy such as solar energy, air energy and biomass energy. New breakthroughs in research and promotion of technology and products, and the implementation and promotion of clean energy application technologies in urban district heating, rural heating, district heating in the north of the Yangtze River Basin, industrial heat utilization, and difficulty in reaching regional heating in heat pipe networks.

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